Why Better For You?

What Is Blue Agave Inulin?

We make better-for-you food to be enjoyed by everyone. Why not have good food and better for you all in one?

We use Organic Agave Inulin as our source of Prebiotic and SuperFiber. The Agave Inulin we use is extracted from the Tequilana Weber plant (Yes, Your Happy Hour Tequila!).

- As a Prebiotic it will promote the good bacteria in your gut


- As a SuperFiber it helps in absorbing many vitamins and minerals

Other reasons why we love Agave inulin:

- Agave grows on harsh lands so no good croplands are used to grow it

- No fertilizer are used or required to grow this plant; it reduces the production footprint on the environment

What Is Better For You?

There are different definitions of Better For You Foods; for Jummy these are foods with additional functional benefits such as our Organic Hot Cocoa, Cocoamy, and its added Agave inulin for some prebiotics, fiber and also an awesome creamy taste.

We only use Organic Cocoa Powder. It's not only delicious but also free of any additives. There are a lot of great benefits from Cocoa: Rich in Polyphenols (naturally occurring antioxydants) and it is also a source of Fiber.

Reducing the amount of sugar we put in our foods is also a way of making them better for you foods. This is why Cocoamy has less sugar and more Cocoa which increases the amount of Iron, making it not only an Excellent Source of Fiber but also a Good Source of Iron.

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